Outreach Mission

India Mission Praised Report 2016

Kerala Ministry

Its our Joy to bring the wonderful news that happen recently in South India (Kerala ,Adoor ,Sirsi Karnataka & Bangalore) Asian mission field where by more than 265 were filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and over 1500 people were healed of various diseases Including the paralyzed able to walk, the dumb spoke ,the deaf ears opened ,partial blindness healed ,tumor and growth vanished in the presence of the Lord. .

During the UPC Kerala South India 67th convention all those that was without the baptism of the Holy Ghost were filled ,it was about 60 of them and one of the pastors there said this is the first time record that number of people were filled with the Holy Spirit in any one convention. All who came to pray for the Holy spirit were filled and almost all the crowd were refilled with the Holy Spirit ,such an hunger and love for the Lord displayed among these oneness Pentecostal believers. Many that came with illness and sickness were healed including a paralyzed boy and a girl that could not talk able to say words. On the last day a fog came in during the altar and the people in the front were covered in that Glory from heaven. The brother who interpreted for that service saw and mentioned it to the crowd and they took off glorious worshipping as the glory sat on them .All those who needed baptism was baptized before the conference over.It was glorious !!!

Sirsi Karnataka

Returning back to Bangalore all preparation was made for th crusade starting from clearing the land. Two unbeliever brothers from the Hindu villages have blessed by lending their land to hold this meeting.

In 3 nights, about 3000 turn out for these meeting and 90% were Hindus and they all came to the front to give their lives to Jesus.

As they came for open meeting and more than half are Hindus and hundreds were healed of various disease, tumor disappear, leg bones got straighten and strengthen, demon possessed were delivered, impaired vision healed and many more healings took place and at end of the service they came to the altar repent of their sins and surrendering their lives to Jesus .A paralyzed boy that was carried up to the stage able to walk. This is the first time this is taking place in Bangalore hosted by apostolics here

Second night meeting about 900 came and 90 over percent are Hindus. The word went out from those who received healings from the first night and the crowd from nearby village came and filled the ground. As they came Jesus was ready waiting for them at the crusade ground. Hundreds were touched and healed on our second night including people with growth and tumor were healed, one lady with leprosy and in much pain and can’t walk was healed of her pain and she came to the front saying Jesus has taken her sickness away, another girl with hearing deficiency was healed and could hear perfectly and many with arthritis were healed. Fibroid growth healed from those who suffering from it and many notable miracles took place. All those Hindus that came for the meeting came to the altar and repented and gave their lives to Jesus.

On final night Revival crusade meeting more than 1300 people turn up with the district chief police officer and 11 politicians from Karnataka India that came to this meeting. Words went out by those who have received the healing and miracles and the crowd filled the ground. Hundreds were touched and healed including a 29 year old boy that was born deaf. The ears popped open and he could hear clearly after the prayer. Tumors disappear, those who came with tremendous pain in their back and leg were healed and hands got straighten in Jesus name. Another young girl that was deaf in one ear received her healing and she could hear properly after the prayers.

Many Hindu believers from nearby villages gave their lives to the Lord as the Lord touched them and they received the miracles in their bodies and they have made commitment to attend our church in the local area and wants such a meeting to be conducted every year. The politician that attended the meeting pledged to support the local church and also such future meeting and to give continuous protection. It was glorious to witness such a mighty demonstration of the Kingdom taking place in Bangalore India.

Your continuous support of love is highly appreciated to reach the people in Asia and the un-reached with the truth.