Supernatural Healing School

At the GATEWAY TO THE SUPERNATURAL HEALING SCHOOL, you will be inspired, trained, equipped, and launched into a lifestyle of healing and miracles. This school is much more than just a teaching seminar, it’s a full week participation, immersed into a culture of healing, freedom, and experiencing all that Jesus paid for on the cross. This is an apostolic healing school for all believers who have been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Spirit. The Last day of the school end with a breakthrough of a revival service / crusade whereby the participants will be involved in praying for the seek and experiencing the healing and miracle realm themselves. It’s designed to be an intense week full of practical activation, impartation, involvement and miracles, miracles and miracles!

God gave the founder Evangelist Mvmuthu the vision of raising 100 believers to experience and embrace this apostolic anointing authority and power as in the book of ACTS .This schools has been launched ,taught and been activated in Japan,India,Philippines,Okinawa,Nepal.

In our sessions, you will grow in the awareness of the anointing you carry. You will explore scriptural truth that deactivates lies many have believed about healing. You’ll also learn new ways to cultivate and maintain an atmosphere conducive to healing in your personal lives, churches, or ministries. Each year, many return home from The Healing School with the confident knowledge that the healing power of Jesus is available to all of us today!

The Healing School is led by the Director of Gateway to the Supernatural School of Healing Evangelist Mvmuthu.To request for this school to commence in your own nation kindly please write to :

For questions, please email