Resurrected to Live

Dawn from the state of Kentucky was a cheerful person before she was diagnosed with a strange disease that ate up her liver , lungs and heart since 18 months ago after her first month baby delivery. It almost took her life when the doctors did C2 and they have left an open 6″ diameter hole on her abdomen. Everything she eats will ooze out from her stomach and she made the hospital as her home these past 18 months in Kentucky and she was unable to walk. Finally a week ago all her organs stop functioning and she experienced renal failure and was due to dialysis and counting her last days on earth.

We went in to pray for her at the Kentucky National Hospital ICU ward and below is the report from her Husband and the doctors next day.

From Her Husband:

Dawn kidneys was getting ready to be on dialysis and her heart and lungs was not functioning but she got the report the following day after prayer in her room at the hospital that she was not going on dialysis her kidneys were totally 100% new and so was her heart and lungs. God did a creative miracle when Bro & Sis Muthu came to pray for her last night. She was sitting up next morning when the doctors came in to check her.

From Attending doctors:

“I have unbelievable good news, kidney doc/renal Dr Came in & said “Wow we had her down 4 renal failure yesterday but today, her kidney s look perfect!!! Went from 1.9 down to.003 -either way they went from possible dialysis to working good as new kidneys lung and liver. Dawn: So that team of Doctors signed me off as clear and good working status along with the heart & lung. This must be a miracle from God. This is her final word before she go back home completely healed ” I’m able to pick up myself and walk and ready to go back home and LIVE AGAIN. JESUS did it again, this time in the USA. He is the same God in America as HE is in ASIA.