Outreach Mission

Recent Mission trip to Hyderabad, Orissa and Andra Pradesh India

Thank you for upholding our recent Mission trip to Hyderabad,Orissa,and Andra Pradesh India in prayers .

We have returned back home safely from this Mission which took a total of 14 days and thank you again for all the precious prayers that was lifted for this mission trip God moved mightily during the three days of service in Andra Pradesh,Duvaa-Hyderabad. About 2500-3000 people were present each night in Andra Pradesh (Duvaa). No seats were available at the open ground level as many came from nearby places as well as many travelled from afar off as the people sat on the ground and lifted their voice in One accord in worship.Many came too for this yearly event seeking for the infilling of the holy Spirit and God began to pour out His spirit mightily upon all who attended as almost the whole crowd was under the glory of the presence of God . Over 1080 received the Holy Spirit and 280 received healings and miracles in their bodies. There were many came with illness in their bodies and the healings virtue of God began to flow one more time and touch many according to their faith and hundreds walked away the second night with healing and deliverance in their bodies. Acts 2:38 took place again as the wind of the Pentecost began to blow in as the people worshipped Jesus in the camp and we heard the sound of mighty rushing wind in tongues spoken.

On Monday 9th Feb 2014 noon, we had about 1000 over believers marched and walked with us around the village as we preached Acts 2:38 salvation message over loud speakers marching from one village to another village .As we stood at the street corners and lifted our voice to the message of the salvation ,some Hindus came out from their homes inviting the believers to go into their houses to pray for the sick and the disable as they confess Jesus Chirst as Lord that heals and saves .later after walking more than an hour half the people marching towards the river baptizing many people in Jesus name in the river of Andra Pradesh Duvaa.It was truly a Joyous moment as we join in ith the heavenly host to celebrate this new souls entering the Kingdom of God .

Thank you for all your prayers toward this nation ,we will send praise report for Orissa and Hyderabad in our next mail . Jesus bless you for all the sacrifices to do and done for souls and nations . P/S If you want us to share this on Sun at gospel lighthouse church ,we could share to show our appreciation for all those who prayed for this trip

Praise Report 2

As we headed off to Orissa on the first day, we had a pastors conference where about 130 pastors trinitarian attended the 2 day seminar and many were filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and revelation being revealed to them as they received the truth. For the next two nights, about 159 including 27 children from the orphanage home were filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time and more than 170 were healed of many diseases. On the second day as we were concluding the pastor seminar a Hindu family that lives close by the church came to the church approached us and took us to their home to pray for their 24 days old baby boy that was born with deformity .That day this family received Jesus into their home and lives.
We baptized more than 60 over people including little children a d those from the orphanage home in the precious name of Jesus in an open pond at Orissa. 
Moving on to Hyderabad, we had an open crusade meeting on the first night. The time when I stepped onto the pulpit, about 20 thugs came forward to the main gate to cause trouble and to disperse the crowd. As we prayed, the hand of God moved in and calmed the troublemakers as they dropped their weapons that they were carrying and left the place .That very same night, the power of God fell and the same miracles that happened 2,000 years ago took place -People who were crippled began to walk ,those came with vision problem were healed ,many stroke patients were healed and many other notable healings took place .It was truly and awesome sight to indeed witness the miracles happening as the cloud of Glory came down. On the second night of the crusade, we had a full house attendance on the ground (Millinium High School Scuderabad) we held the meeting -Many received the baptism of the Holy Ghost for the first time on the second night and those who attended on the second night were from CSI and Anglicans who had never heard of the Holy Spirit before .Before we left for this mission we have asked the Lord to fill 1000 with the baptism of the Holy Spirit but God gave a surplus by filling 1180 with His spirit and 120 were baptized and over 420 were healed . All this came to past because of your precious prayers and we are truly indebted to you for your passion and love for souls.

God is still moving among the midst of our people like in the book of Acts. We are heading towards a revival that I believe will be greater than what we read in the book of Acts at this time of the season. Thank you for all of your prayers toward this mission and the ministry .

Much blesings