Outreach Mission

Pakistan Outpouring 2012

Greetings in Jesus most wonderful name .We have arrived back home safely today from Pakistan with a new experience of the Holy Ghost Revival in Pakistan in this last days .We are blessed to be part with the end time revival that is taking place in Pakistan. Every meetings we attended we had two armed security personals following us with machine guns to protect us and they also had a bomb scanners and someone to conduct the bomb checks before each meeting including the services in the church building due to some bombing took place recently by suicide bombers.One night in the rural area we had an open crusade and it started to drizzle before the meeting and the pastor was worried if the people could make it ,anyhow we had an overflowing of more than 3000 over people attending and when the service started it began to rain .many were sitting in an open area without a shade and the people did not move even it rained .It continued with we losing the electricity, all the lighting poles falling to the ground .We couldn’t continue except we lifted our hands toward heaven and prayer. within 3 minutes the lord stopped the rain completely and we had our electricity -it was incredible.

Representation from the fields of labor in Pakistan for the Lord throughout the nation by the leaders and the saints of the church! God is moving in unprecedented ways in these closing hours of the Gentile Dispensation! That we are honored to be part in the final in gathering of souls for His Kingdom means more than words can say to those of us who love and serve Him in this hour especially the laborers and ministers there.

In total 271 Received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost for the first time and 276 were healed of various diseases and 15 baptized in that saving name.