Outreach Mission

Nagaland Mission 2015

We have returned back home safely from our mission trip to Nagaland with an Incredible experiences and seeing how God moved in this last days fulfilling Joel 2:28 prophecies by filling many with the baptism of the Holy spirit and many notable healings and miracles took place.

202 received the Holy Spirit and 37 were healed in the precious name of Jesus Mighty miracles took place including a man that came with partially deaf on the left ear was healed,a child that could not walk began to walk ,a lady that had severe back pain and was limping was healed and some people that came with eye sight receive healing.

This is the end time and God is pouring out his Spirit upon all flesh throughout the world and this cannot be accomplished without your prayers and supporting us in the Lord’s ministry.

APOSTOLIC is the only word applicable to the manifestation of God’s Power and Presence upon the people of Nagaland in this closing hour of the Gentile hour ! We were honored to have traveled and met some of the greatest Oneness Apostolics in our time as Nagaland!

Our Trip: We arrived in Manipur and traveled 11 hours through dirt road to Nagaland,a nation that is under the control of 16 insurgents groups.

We arrived at the town call Meluri where the UPC National Youth Conference was held and many adults and older people came for this meeting too,some were from Baptist background and was seeking the holy Ghost.While we were driving through we saw posters and banners all over this town displaying the upcoming special meeting hosted by the UPC church

During the first night we encountered thunderstorm and lightning and just after the worship service and we lost electricity supply and there was no lights and PA inside the hall.We asked the people to stand and read the WORD and as we worshiped together ,the waves of God came in to the place one after the other for next 1 hour and God filled more than 100 over people with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many were on the floor still speaking with tongues when we had the candles and torch light brought in after more than an hour later many healings took place too as GOD took over the service.

On the Second night we had the Hall packed to the maximum and to our surprised there were more than 130 children that were present for this conference from age 2 on wards.As God moved again during the middle of the service we ask the children to come to the front to receive the Holy Spirit and as they came God was already present to fill them mightily.Young children as old as 2 were seen with tears streaming down their face with lifted hands seeking God with all their hearts.many these children were filled as their parents wept watching these kids receiving this gift and speaking with tongues.

As faith rise among the people, the parents and elders came to the altar seeking for the Holy Spirit and God filled those who step up to the front.

Among many of the healings that took place was this woman that came and was not be able to walk due to severe back pain and she received her healing and a child that was born dumb and could not walk properly due to her limbs received her healing.

We were honored to have traveled and met some of the greatest Oneness Apostolics in our time. What an outstanding example of Christianity and hunger for God that they have demonstrate in the remote areas of this earth.

Thank you again for sending us forth to the nations and holding us up in your precious prayers and support .

We love and appreciate you much,