Miracles in Bangladesh

There was a tremendous wave of God In the crusade meeting with many miracles taking place among the muslims .Many were healed of their deaf ears ,crippled legs ,tumors began to shrink ,vision restored. back pain healed, migrainedisappear..NEWS BROKE OUT on the second day and curious crowd came to see what was going on as the word and presence of God touched their lives – many repented and gave their lives to Jesus.Themuslim clergy and leaders that came with sickness and paralysis were healed by the hand of the Master Both this man from muslim scholars was paralyzedof half of their body and another was from waist below due to stroke and was unable to walk. While we prayed the power of God fell and both of them threw their crutches and walk and praised Jesus . Truly the heart of Jesus is upon those that seek him especially those who knew him not.