Outreach Mission

Philippines Missions 2012

God is moving in unprecedented ways in these closing hours of the Gentile Dispensation! That we are honored to live and participate in the final in gathering of souls for His Kingdom means more than words can say to those of us who love and serve Him join in this hour for souls. We appreciate the prayers and support you have invested into this mission and we believe it has been very fruitful for the Glory of GOD to the vision of the Phil churches for THE 1 MILLION SOULS IN 5 YEARS. Young children as young as 4 years old were filled with the baptism of the Spirit. 317 were filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost for the first time over two thousand were refilled, 47 were baptized in Jesus precious name. God’s Glory covered in our services with the whole congregation being refilled .220 reported healed of various diseases including blood related diseases, back spinal injuries, asthma and breathing condition ,boils, arthritis and knee pain disappearing, tumors and cyst shrunk. Miracles took place before our eyes, the deaf hearing ,blind seeing again, twisted knees are healed and …so many diseases healed by Jesus .It was Glorious as the Anointing took over our services. There was Joy overwhelming overall in the meetings and crusades.