Outreach Mission

Mission To West Bengal (Darjeeling)

We rejoice with you As Labourers for the cause of the kingdom ,the amazing privilege ,calling and responsibility of presenting this Gospel to the Nation and the people of West Bengal(Darjeeling).

We stand in awe of Harvest of Souls and the Power of God that has broken the chains of animism and all other bondages and for the infilling of God’s Spirit upon the Hungry and the Thirsty that came to participate . Certainly your prayers has moved the Hand of God in such a time of calamity and disaster(earth quake) that bolstered this region few months ago that claimed many lives just before we reached this place.

We experienced a Mighty move of God with many were filled ,Refreshed and Healed under God’s presence.

From the first night people began to throng from 5 different districts (Bhutan,South Tibet ,India ,West Bengal & Nepal) and our team FROM Malaysia and Bangladesh that was consists of 10 people were at the Mount Zion Apostolic UPC Church Tukvar .The church was packed to its maximum participants to more than 270 over believers and visitors .From the first night the spirit of God moved in an mighty way, waves after waves of God’s presence and glory fell among HIS people . The Pastors and leaders of each districts anticipated and prepared much months before this event to took place.

The many crowds that came with eager to be filled with the Holy Spirit did not return home dissapointed.Jesus met each of them in a special way.

On the first day of the gathering, God poured out his Spirit upon the multitude and those that did not have the infilling of the Holy Spirit was filled . Jesus was present in a special way to heal and to bring deliverance to his people. Some that were possessed were delivered ,A church elder that was deaf on one ear for 17 years was healed of his deafness as his ear popped open and he could hear perfectly ,tumours vanished and a sister that came tumour on her head was healed and the tumour vanished

There were many healed of their sights, bone diseases, ulcers and boils . An elderly lady who had a deformed leg, which one of her leg was shorter than the other and she could not walk properly. The lord touched and healed her leg, the abnormal leg which was shorter by 2 inches grew to the same length of the other leg and her leg was restored as normal. She danced and danced before the Lord and the place exploded with a shout and praise of His people.

To Jesus be all the Glory.

200 over people was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and many were healed of their diseases .

In total over 700 were filled with the Holy spirit together with Nagaland and nearby region we visited.