Outreach Mission

Borneo Spiritual Break through meeting 2011

This is the first time a healing crusade being organized in Borneo By Pastor Jeet and Sis Julie the local ministers for Sarawak. We had a full house at the church on Sunday morning with close to 100 attended ,some travel as far as Miri and Bintulu –hundred of Kilometers to attend this special meeting. God healed a impartial vision of a lady visiting the first and healed a man that was had problem in his limbs, several receive healings on the back and knees and a woman with fractured bone in her arm was healed – this miracles electrified the entire meeting. People thronged the alter giving their lives to Jesus as they repented for the first time ,some were prayed through and were filled with the Holy Ghost .A total of 55 people testified of the miracles that took place and I did not get to finish the message… God mightily placed His Hand of approval on His Word. The Holy Ghost kept falling upon the audience with tremendous manifestation of His Power and Presence. More than 80 were filled with the baptism of the Spirit .The people responded overwhelmingly toward Him! They were mightily blessed experiencing deliverance and emotional healings on every hand! Even after the meetings were over the many people kept calling the pastor and intend to visit the church.